warning: these people r horrible people plz do not follow them hHAHAH they will break your heart and stomp on it and chew your veins and laugh 

  1. captainswanouat said: YOU KNOW YOU LOVE ME ;)
  2. charmingsprincess said: YOU LOVE US ALL.
  3. jewelsify said: notice most of these people are those you love most :D
  4. lieutenantswans said: Break your heart, yes. Chew your veins, ew no i’m not Hannibal who tf do u think i am
  5. giggleswan said: I AIN’T SCURRED!
  6. smoaksoliver said: i have made your death list i’m honored
  7. leofitzs said: Why am I not on that list? LMFAO
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